Business Prepaid Card

Some of the benefits of the Business Prepaid Card include control over your business spend, smooth running of your administration, cost savings and flexibility.

Our business payment system is a pre-funded, real-time, web-based solution that helps your business take control of daily work-related payments. Use the Business Prepaid Card to pay for any daily staff-related expenses such as office equipment, travel and petty cash.

Your business payment card is held in the business' name and linked to your Bidvest Bank Call Account. Nominated authorised users have the ability to:

  • Activate and deactivate debit cards.
  • Load different individual limits onto the same card.
  • Assign individual personal identification numbers to the cards.
  • Monitor staff expenditure.

The Business Prepaid Card is designed to process and realise your business’ cost savings easily and conveniently, and because it's pre-funded, you always know how much money is being spent.

Benefits of the Corporate Payment Card

The Business Prepaid Card gives you control over your business spend, streamlines your administration, reduces costs, and is flexible and secure.

Control Spend

  • Only authorised users have access to the system.
  • Authorised users can control what company funds are used for.
  • Each authorised user has a defined profile with limited access.
  • Each authorised user has individual card limits.
  • Each card is loaded with the authorised funds.
  • Transactions cannot be authorised if the funds are not available from the business’ call account.
  • Transactions can only be authorised online.
  • Transactions cannot be approved manually.
  • Transactions can be monitored via web-based transactional reporting in real-time.
  • Your company's call account is prefunded, allowing control over your business spend.

Streamline Administration

  • Use transactional reports as supporting documentation for claim forms when the card is returned to the administrator for deactivation.

Reduce Costs

  • Minimise bank costs with a direct management system.
  • Less interest charged compared to traditional credit card solutions.

Flexible Options

  • Control who has access to the system and what access they have.
  • Transfer debit cards between staff members.


  • Reduce the need to keep cash on premises.
  • Keep track of persons responsible for loading and allocating funds with full online audit trails.
  • Allocate personal identification numbers to each cardholder on activation.

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