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Vehicle Finance Options

Our wide range of leasing and finance options cater for your business’ specific needs. Our leasing and finance options include:

  Full maintenance leasing Operating rentals Instalment sale/financial lease Sale and leaseback Vari-Lease
What it does it cover? Covers normal wear and tear, including all routine services, shock absorbers, exhaust components and batteries on all makes of passenger, light and heavy commercial and industrial vehicles. Similar to Full Maintenance Leasing, except that the monthly rental does not include maintenance and repair cover, but you have the option to a ‘bolt-on’ maintenance plan. Purchase your vehicles and other movable assets and pay these off over an agreed period of time.   Convert your existing owned fleets to leased fleets. Similar to Full Maintenance Lease, but with increased variability. You are charged a pay-as-you-go rate per kilometer based on your volume or usage.
Main benefit Removes the risk of vehicle resale, ownership or maintenance. Costs remain fixed throughout the contract's duration.   Removes the risk of ownership and improve the cash flow for your business.   We’ll help you choose the best option according to your cash flow and tax position. Enables tax-efficient vehicle funding while generating capital that can be employed in other areas of the business. You can optimize your cashflow as you only pay for the kilometers used.