Full Maintenance Leasing

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With a full maintenance lease you can cover your company’s vehicles for unforeseen maintenance such as normal wear and tear and all routine services.


With fixed monthly costs, you can stay within budget irrespective of the actual vehicle expenses incurred.

A full maintenance car lease:

  • Reduces your monthly rentals because you pay for usage only
  • Reduces administration
  • Eliminates the risk of losing resale value because you are not responsible for selling the vehicle
  • Enables better cash flow and no there’s no capital outlay
  • Reduces your tax liability because rentals can be claimed as an operating expense
  • Offers flexible agreements where your contract can be restructured according to changing circumstances
  • Improves your asset and gearing ratios
  • Allows acceptance by auditors as being off balance sheet
  • Covers all eventualities except driver abuse, glass and accident damage
  • Allows you to claim VAT on maintenance goods for passenger vehicles
  • Allows you to claim VAT on the total rental for commercial vehicles