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We offer you a choice of two vehicle maintenance plans.

Maintenance Plans

You can stay one step ahead of inflation and benefit from tomorrow’s services at today’s prices with fixed costs, period and distance.

The Maintenance Plan is similar to insurance with two premium options available:

  • Single premium – We bear the cost of all maintenance and repairs for a single upfront premium.
  • Monthly premium – We bear the cost of all maintenance and repairs for a monthly premium.

Managed Maintenance

  • We have access to all parts and labour pricing and all warranty policies.
  • We pay the right price for only what is necessary and claim against the warranty whenever possible.
  • Access to volume discounts enable us to reduce maintenance and repair costs substantially.
  • Pre-authorisations enable us to agree on repair and maintenance costs before work is carried out.
  • With a pre-paid provision we manage and pay maintenance costs on your behalf and recover the expenses from a pre-paid fund.
  • At the end of the contract, any surpluses will be refunded and shortfalls recovered.


Together with the expertise of our industry specialists, our maintenance products offer:

  • Reduced administration
  • Real cost reduction
  • Parts and labour discounts
  • Price certainty
  • Optimum resale value
  • VAT input credits on all maintenance expenses
  • No unnecessary parts and labour
  • Fleet discounts on parts, tyres and services
  • Maximum benefits from warranties and policy claims