Foreign Bills for Collection

Foreign Bills for Collection

Assisting South African Exporters in Collecting Payment

Getting paid is a crucial consideration for any exporter. For businesses exporting goods from South Africa, a documentary collection is a practical means for collecting payment from customers overseas. Speed, reliability and no-fuss convenience are essential, and why so many export businesses opt for the documentary collection services we offer.

This practical, tried-and-tested method ensures that as a South African exporter, you receive payment for goods delivered from your overseas customers. Simple and robust, the system offers built-in assurance of payment ahead of final delivery of exported goods.

How it Works

  1. As an exporter, you submit a draft and other relevant shipping documents to Bidvest Bank before the goods are exported to your overseas client.
  2. Bidvest Bank transmits the documents to the collecting bank overseas to where the goods have been sent, with clear instruction that goods must only be released after your payment as the exporter has been honoured.