Tradeflow offers a unique range of world-leading trade finance facilities and related services.  They are tailor-made to enhance competitive ability, and provide your business with reliable and comprehensive foreign trade services.

Tradeflow finance is a growth tool for internationally focused SMEs. It also facilitates smart buying as upfront cash enables clients to negotiate trade discounts from their suppliers.

Advantages of Tradeflow

As a business looking to expand, Tradeflow supply-chain finance provides you with cash upfront to purchase stock without having to cede book debts or provide additional security. You can step up the value and frequency of your imports, and your working capital management is much improved while existing banking arrangements are unaffected.


  • Provides an innovative and competitive trade financing solution.
  • Improves the cash flow of your business and provides enhanced balance sheet management.
  • Strengthens profitability and balance sheet performance by enabling you to access additional lines of funding that do not conflict with existing facilities. Generally, we do not require additional encumbrances to balance sheet assets, meaning your existing lines of credit can continue to be maintained.
  • Purchase finance is aligned to the forward sale of goods, and thus to its own cash conversion cycle rather than to the payment demands of the original supplier.
  • Tailor-made products to meet your individual needs as a buyer of goods and services.
  • Purchase finance programmes assist with purchasing goods and services to:
    • Extend payment terms (days payable outstanding)
    • Match cash-to-cash cycles
  • Finance facilities are simple to structure and easy to use, with an advanced in-house trading platform.
  • Finance costs are based on the purchase price of the goods, resulting in interest costs being levied on a lower base, as opposed to other forms of finance.
  • Unused facility does not attract additional cost, and facilities can be used as and when required.
  • Very useful facility during rapid expansion, seasonal peaks or for dealing outside of normal cash flow constraints.
  • No need to relinquish shareholding – you retain full control.
  • Unlike factoring or discounting, 100% of the purchase price is funded.
  • Reduced forex exchange risk.
  • Reduced credit risk.
  • Immediate, improved cash flow.
  • Increased trading capability to improve bottom line.