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Download these apps and travel like a pro

While it’s still great to carry a paper travel guide, these days it’s much easier to store everything you’ll need for your trip on your phone. With Wi-Fi usually available throughout hotels, airports and even shopping centres, accessing your information is an easy task. Here are the apps that are going to make that even easier…

Google Drive
Storing important documents such as flight tickets, accommodation bookings, copies of your passport and driver’s licence and medical and insurance documentation are simple with Google Drive. Just upload them from your desktop and they will be available in the app.

You can print, email and view your documents right on your phone, as well as share them with other Google Drive users. All you need is a free gmail account!

Download these apps and travel like a pro
Confused about that exchange rate? Instead of working it out on a calculator each time, use’s app to get an accurate rate of exchange in real-time. The app syncs whenever there is an internet connection to your phone, so you’ll always be up to date on the latest rate. Handy with the fluctuating exchange rate of the Rand!

Bidvest Bank Mastercard® World Currency Card™
Of course we would include the app for our Bidvest Bank Mastercard® World Currency Card™! This app is ideal for when you’re on the go and need to check your currency balances, view your transactions, and even transfer funds between currency purses before a transaction.

Plus, the Bidvest Bank Mastercard® World Currency Card™ can hold up to 17 different currencies!

Google Maps
While it may seem obvious to use Google Maps for navigation on the streets, what a lot of users don’t know is that the app offers more than live directions. Maps of entire cities can be downloaded to your phone (so you can get directions even when you’re offline). The app can also be used for figuring out which public transport route is best, and even navigating through multi-level shopping malls.

What happens when you find yourself with a few spare hours in an afternoon? Rather than paging through your guide books looking for something to do, Triposo will help you find places of interest and things to do with a few taps. Plus it works without an internet connection, so you just need to download your destination’s info before you travel and you’re all set

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