Make your travel more sustainable

It’s been said that the kindest form of travel for the planet is to not travel at all. In an age swimming in plastic straws and carbon emissions, how can you be a more responsible traveller?

We’ve rounded up just a few ways to make sure your next trip is more sustainable for the earth. You don’t need to try them all, but every bit helps…

Cut down on plastic (of all kinds)
When we travel, we tend to leave large traces of plastic behind. We go shopping and collect multiple plastic bags, we drink coffees to go and smoothies from plastic takeaway cups, we take disposable toiletries in tiny bottles and drink copious amounts of bottled water. All of that waste often ends up in a landfill or makes its way into the oceans.

Make your travel more sustainable

Solution: Carry a travel cup and a glass water bottle that you can refill wherever you go, pack your bamboo straw and decant your toiletries into a reusable set of travel bottles.

Consider where you spend your money
Travel is an incredible economic reliever in poorer countries. While spending R25 on a cold drink may seem insignificant to you, by buying it from a small, independent store or market stall holder, your money is making a direct impact to that person’s life. Similarly, when you book a tour or buy a meal, keep an eye out for somewhere that is independently-owned!

Counter your carbon emissions
While it might sound a little obscure, your carbon emissions are essentially the amount of air pollution any trip creates. This is usually in the form of air travel, but can also be applied to road trips and cruises. Keep an eye for your airline's carbon offset scheme or take the initiative and plant a few trees yourself to help replenish the burnt oxygen you created from your trip.

Not sure how much carbon you need to offset? Use this handy Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Switch off the lights
Small actions during your hotel stay can have a huge overall impact in the long run. When you leave your hotel room, remember to switch off all the lights and unplug any devices that you don’t need. This goes for air conditioning too!

Say no to paper
Have you noticed how much paper you collect when you travel? We collect ticket stubs, glossy brochures, maps and till slips like it’s going out of fashion! Remember, all of your maps can be downloaded to your phone, and the internet is going to have all the information you need about a destination.

When buying souvenirs or food, ask the teller not to give you a slip, and say ‘no’ when any ATM asks if you want a slip. Remember, you can check the balance of your Bidvest Bank Mastercard® World Currency Card™ on the App or online. No need for paper!

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