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Travel foreign exchange

By Bidvest Bank
Every person has unique travel foreign exchange requirements, which may include protecting cash in foreign areas or ensuring that you have access to money when you need it. Whether you’re travelling for business reasons or leisurely visiting the countries of your choice, it’s important that you can safely withdraw your funds.

Bidvest Bank incorporates the strengths of its parent company, The Bidvest Group Limited, and its retail foreign exchange division (Rennies Foreign Exchange) in order to provide unrivalled travel foreign exchange to those visiting locally and going abroad.

In addition to providing a host of travel currency exchange products to business and leisure travellers, Bidvest Bank offers a comprehensive range of foreign currency exchange solutions to corporations that engage in foreign exchange activity. Locate your local Bidvest Bank branch from one of branches in South African provinces, or browse our range of travel foreign exchange products.

Travelling abroad? Go with Bidvest Bank

Bidvest Bank’s travel foreign exchange products allow you to select your preferred means of accessing currency; whether it’s in the form of cash, pre-paid travel cards or travellers cheques. In this way, you can avoid the inconvenience of locating tellers through which to exchange travel currency during your trip, and you can save on costly service fees.

Our products include the travel currency exchange of bank notes in over 60 currencies, along with the exchange of exotic notes per request. You can also use World Currency Cards and Cash Passport Cards, which are pre-paid travel cards that allow travellers access to their funds in the currency of their travel destinations.

Also available are American Express Travellers Cheques, travel insurance and Voyager Miles. Read about these travel exchange currency options for when you travel abroad.

Visit South Africa under the care of Bidvest Bank

No matter where you go in South Africa, Bidvest Bank has a local branch ready to cater to your travel currency requirements. We charge no commission for the cashing of foreign American Express Travellers Cheques into Rands, and we’re well equipped to arrange cash advances from foreign credit cards.

Our tailor-made product for international visitors is the pre-paid Visa Rand Travel card, which is a safe and secure way of managing your money while you enjoy South Africa’s attractions. The benefit of this card is that drawing cash is not restricted to banking hours (you can withdraw money from all Visa ATMs) and you may pay for goods and services at all Visa merchants.

Transfer money safely and promptly

Receiving money from abroad or sending money to family or loved ones overseas need not be a laborious process. Bidvest Bank offers the services of MoneyGram, which is a fast and secure means through which to send and receive cash internationally. Covering over 190 countries and territories, MoneyGram offers the convenience of same-day service within ten minutes* that our customers can appreciate.

Bidvest Bank also facilitates foreign bank drafts in all major currencies for payments such as hotel accommodation, conference fees, seminars and other overseas expenses.

Telegraphic transfers – or the electronic transfer of funds – are available and can be collected pending positive identification on the part of the recipient. All funds are sent according to South African Reserve Bank regulations.

Exchange control services with Bidvest Bank

Bidvest Bank is an Authorised Dealer appointed by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), meaning that our consultants can assist you with various foreign exchange control services. This includes ensuring that the purchase or sale of foreign currencies by residents, and the purchase or sale of local currencies by non-residents, conforms to SARB’s exchange control regulations. Applications for exchange control services can be made at your local Bidvest Bank branch.

Professional travel foreign exchange

Bidvest Bank understands that every leisure or business traveller has unique travel currency exchange requirements. As a result, we’ve tailored our product range to include a wide variety of cash, debit and cheque solutions, and we’re available to support your travel foreign exchange every step of the way. Contact us to enquire about our services.

* Subject to receive agents hours of operation and local regulations.