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Bank safety and ATM safety

By Bidvest Bank
Bank safety tips from Bidvest Bank: protecting your ATM safety

Bidvest Bank is well known for our comprehensive suite of foreign exchange solutions. However, with a growing market share in a broad range of personal and corporate banking products for South Africans, Bidvest Bank understands the importance of educating account holders and the general public about ATM safety. All too often, dishonest people take advantage of account holders who aren’t up to speed on bank safety tips.

Whether you prefer to make transfers via a bank branch, an ATM or by using online banking facilities, it’s integral that you understand what activities could put your details - and ultimately your hard earned money - at risk. There are a number of conspiracies, phishing scams and criminals that can be avoided with the proper bank safety knowledge. Some common ways in which criminals may attempt to take advantage of you include:
  • using tactics to divert your attention
  • cultivating a false sense of security (by posing as police/security guards)
  • picking pockets in busy buses, queues and streets
  • robbing you by knife or gunpoint
Bidvest Bank urges you to be cautious when dealing with your banking details. Your account number, card number, pin and other details should always remain secure. Do not share them with anyone. Browse the Bidvest Bank banking page for more information on Bidvest Bank account and service options.

Keep your bank account secure with these Bidvest Bank ATM safety tips

There are many ways in which a criminal could target you while you complete transactions at an ATM. A huge component of bank safety is ensuring that your ATM habits are finely honed so that in the event of an incident you react in a way that can protect the security of your bank account. The following ATM safety security tips could help you to avoid becoming a victim of banking crime:

  • Under no circumstances should you give your card or PIN to another individual, even to a Bidvest Bank official. This information is for your eyes only. Also, don’t write your PIN on the card or on anything that is kept in the same area as your card.
  • Never use an ATM that seems to have a blank screen. It’s also advisable to avoid using an ATM that is obscured from general view or is poorly lit. When using an ATM, always follow the instructions shown on the screen very carefully. This being said, it’s never a good idea to draw money from an ATM at night when you’re alone.
  • Don’t let anything or anyone hurry and distract you when using an ATM. A big part of ATM safety etiquette is never accepting help or taking advice from strangers – especially if they’re insistently trying to involve themselves in your transaction. Stand close to the ATM with your body, signaling that you don’t want anyone near you while you are going about your ATM activities. This also ensures that another person can’t swap or take your card when you are distracted. Fraudsters often work in teams, so one person may distract you while another grabs your money or even your card.
Bidvest Bank: striving to create a safe banking environment for you

Bidvest Bank urges you to keep up to date with bank safety measures, as well as educate yourself about the common forms of Internet and ATM scams. Contact Bidvest Bank if you have any queries regarding bank safety – or even ATM safety – measures.