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By Bidvest Bank
Bidvest Bank: business fleet finance and leasing solutions

When running a business equipment and vehicles are a requirement that any company needs to address as cost efficiently as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should find the cheapest vehicles and machinery on the market. Being cost effective means acquiring good-quality that will effectively increase profits or decrease overheads in the long run.

Why not consider leasing rather than buying vehicles and certain equipment? Looking for finance and leasing can be a daunting task, especially when faced with investing in a fleet of vehicles. Bidvest Bank (a subsidiary of The Bidvest Group) offers a solution for businesses interested in avoiding the high cost of buying vehicles and equipment. Company vehicle leasing is a good way to overcome the initial exorbitant costs of buying multiple new vehicles in order to begin operating.
Bidvest Bank has a range of finance and leasing options available, providing a fleet financing option for your venture. Browse the Bidvest Bank vehicle finance and leasing options for a total fleet solution for your business car finance.

Benefits of fleet finance and leasing

There are many benefits of leasing a vehicle rather than buying one, and there are even more benefits for doing so through Bidvest Bank. We currently own more than 10 000 vehicles ranging from passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles, luxury buses and even material handling equipment. Read on for more information regarding the benefits of leasing and financing through Bidvest Bank:

  • Better use of working capital: Instead of using scarce working capital to purchase depreciating assets, rather finance or lease vehicles and equipment and avoid unnecessary cash outflow.

  • Buying power: take advantage of our buying power as a fleet owner of more than 10,00 vehicles. We will ensure that you procure the correct vehicle for the task at the best possible price.

  • Selling power: as a re-seller of several hundred end of contract vehicles we are able to ensure that we maximise the selling price of vehicles which in turn, translates into the lowest possible cost of use to our customers.

  • Cost control: Let us control the maintenance costs of your fleet. Through our systems and expertise we will ensure that you are not overcharged or charged for unnecessary maintenance. We will also ensure that you do not pay for work covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Fixed costs motoring: Under a Full Maintenance lease, with the exception of changing interest rates, the monthly rental will remain fixed for the period of the contract. This also makes budgeting easy and accurate.

  • Risk free motoring: Under a Full maintenance lease, running costs with exception of fuel are also fixed for the period of the contact giving you peace of mind. The risk of ownership and the task of selling the vehicle is also borne by Bidvest Bank.

Business car finance through Bidvest Bank offers you several company vehicle leasing options and products, including:

  • full maintenance leasing
  • operating rentals
  • maintenance contracts
  • managed maintenance
  • sale and leaseback
  • instalment sale or financial lease

Company vehicle leasing through Bidvest Bank

For more information on finance and leasing options through Bidvest Bank, please browse our online information portal. Contact us today for guidance on the best possible total fleet solution for your business.