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Sale and Leaseback

By Bidvest Bank
The benefits of sale and leaseback solutions

Before considering a sale and leaseback option for your enterprise, Bidvest Bank suggests understanding exactly what the solution entails. A sale and leaseback option allows a company to sell its assets and lease them back simultaneously. This can be beneficial for businesses that are in need of an inflow of capital.
There are instances in which prioritising the use of an asset is more important than wanting to own it. Usually in these situations liquidating assets would bring business operations to a standstill as the use of the asset is integral to the functionality of the enterprise. The most common sale and leaseback assets are technology-based or vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans.

Bidvest Bank is a reliable and trusted provider of sale and leaseback facilities. We purchase assets at a fair market value, providing your business with immediate funds. The transaction is structured in such a way that the depreciated cost of the asset is taken into account, as well as whatever necessary conditional security is required to protect the lessor. Browse the Bidvest Bank finance and leasing information now.

Finance your business with sale and leaseback facilities you can trust

If you’re looking for a vehicle sale and leaseback solution, Bidvest Bank offers a facility via which we buy your fleet, thereby providing you with a cash inflow.  These vehicles are then available to be leased back from the lessor using either a full maintenance lease, operating rental for an agreed term.
Sale and leaseback financing for your business can be far more beneficial than obtaining a loan from a bank. Bidvest Bank’s sale and leaseback facilities offer the following benefits for your business:

  • Transfer depreciating assets off the company’s balance sheet

  • Continued use of assets – no disruption or time delays

  • Capital injection into business

  • Improved cash flow

Bidvest Bank offers sale and leaseback solutions
Boost your enterprise with a cash inflow while still retaining the use of your assets through a lease. Contact Bidvest Bank for more information on our sale and leaseback solutions.