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World Currency Card™: the ultimate travel accessory

By Bidvest Bank

With over 100 branches throughout South Africa, Bidvest Bank understands the unique travel foreign exchange requirements of individuals and caters for them accordingly. An increasingly popular option is the pre-paid currency card. Regardless of whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, owning a World Currency CardTM is essential for the safe management of your travel money whilst travelling abroad.

World Currency prepaid travel cards not only allow you to access your money in the local currency of your travel destination, they also reduce the risks associated with travelling by allowing you to hold your money safely on a card and not in cash. As it’s prepaid, the World Currency CardTM ensures that you never spend over your allocated budget. Furthermore, World Currency Cards from  Bidvest Bank offer additional security as they’re easy to cancel and replace if they’re lost or stolen while you’re travelling.

Combining the advantages offered by traveller’s cheques, debit cards and credit cards, prepaid currency cards can be loaded with money for use at both ATMs and at cash points to make payments. Browse the Bidvest Bank travel foreign exchange web page for more information on our comprehensive range of travel forex products such as prepaid travel cards.

Stay secure with prepaid travel cards from Bidvest Bank

The World Currency CardTM offer travellers the chance to carry travel funds safely through unfamiliar countries or cities with ease. For years there has been a certain degree of paranoia regarding the safe transportation of money when travelling through foreign countries.  Bidvest Bank offers a solution that conveniently simplifies the safe carrying of travelling money abroad. Prepaid travel cards from Bidvest Bank offer a number of features:

  • The Bidvest Bank World Currency CardTM is issued to customers immediately and can be used as soon as the overseas travel destination is reached.
  • A prepaid travel card is far more secure than cash or traveller’s cheques. These cards are not subject to the commission charges that traveller’s cheques are each time they are exchanged.
  • Foreign currency cards are very easy to top up, as long as the required power of attorney is put in place by the card holder prior to departing from South Africa.
  • Prepaid travel cards are suitable for individuals who want to minimise security hazards and the hassles of using paper traveller’s cheques. Pre-paid travel money cards allow individuals to check their balances, account information, and transaction history via the Internet.
  • The World Currency CardTM can be used in hundreds of locations worldwide that display the Visa sign.

Bidvest Bank has a range of forex products, which includes the World Currency Card, to assist travellers while journeying around the world. Whether for business or for pleasure there is no reason worry about how  you will keep your money safe and have easy access to it in a foreign country. Contact Bidvest Bank for more information or assistance.