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Global Payments Online™ from Bidvest Bank: the ultimate online platform for forex trade

By Bidvest Bank

Many South Africans have experienced the hassle of trying to move money to and from South Africa. Our complex  exchange control regulations can be difficult to navigate without the guidance of an expert.  Bidvest Bank always strives to offer customers solutions that facilitate mobility, as well as increased security and convenience.

Bidvest Bank provides corporate importers and exporters with Global Payments Online™: the ultimate online corporate foreign exchange solution. The Global Payments Online™ platform offers real-time access to exchange rates and also facilitates quick and secure payments worldwide.

Streamline your payment processing and reduce your international payment costs through this easy-to-use solution. Furthermore, the Global Payments Online™ solution reduces the occurrence of errors that plague many customers; spend less time managing your payments and more time ensuring the profitability of your business.

The advantages of Global Payments Online™ 
The Global Payments Online™ system is considered one of the most sophisticated yet user-friendly systems for corporate foreign exchange in the world. Through the utilisation of the Internet, Bidvest Bank customers are able to distribute their money from any PC or access point in any country without the need to purchase software. The following advantages make the Global Payments Online™ system an attractive foreign exchange solution:

  • viable exchange rates that remain competitive
  • absolutely no hidden costs or surprise billings
  • there are no license fees
  • free user training for beginners
  • no software installations
  • free implementation within 48 hours
  • access to free real-time world market and foreign exchange news
  • access is available from any location that provides a secure connection to the Internet
  • assess the prices of foreign exchange orders at the click of a button
  • online exchange rate enquiries and confirmations can be performed with confidence
  • real-time access to transactional history
  • create secure payment instructions and authorise payments in real time
  • order forward cover online transaction confirmations
  • completion of order confirmations, Balance Of Payment (BOP) and other statutory forms from the Internet

Securely manage and approve your corporate foreign exchange payments and activities from the convenience of a PC or Internet-access device with Global Payments Online™.