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Send and receive cash via MoneyGram® from Bidvest Bank

By Bidvest Bank
If you’ve ever found yourself in a position in which you urgently need money from a friend or family member overseas - or even wish to send money to someone who needs it from you who is out of the country - but cannot afford to wait days for a transfer to clear, it’s important to know that sending cash via MoneyGram is quick and convenient; and can be received by the recipient within ten minutes after the transaction being completed.

MoneyGram money transfer is a quick and safe way to send funds to overseas destinations within a couple of minutes, regardless of where in the world the recipient is. The best part about using MoneyGram is that there’s no need to use a bank account, cash is transferred within minutes from one country to the other using safe and sophisticated technology.

Additionally, MoneyGram has a global network of over 207 000 local agents spread over 190 countries and territories. In South Africa, you can send and receive money through MoneyGram at any Bidvest Bank branch.

Visit our website for more information on MoneyGram money transfers. Contact us for guidance on how to navigate the world of travel foreign exchange.

How to send and receive money using MoneyGram

Sending and receiving cash using MoneyGram from Bidvest Bank is easy and fast. Follow the four simple steps below to send money to a recipient within minutes:
  • Visit Bidvest Bank with your identification documentation.
  • Request a ‘send’ form, complete it and hand it to the Bidvest Bank consultant with your money and transfer fee, only once you’re sure that the correct information has been supplied. Also, remember that you can send a personalised 10-word message for the recipient with the MoneyGram.
  • You will then be given a reference number - ensure you keep this in a safe place.
  • Contact the recipient and supply them with the reference number as well. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for the funds to be available for them to collect depending on the hours of operation and local regulations of the receiving MoneyGram agent.

Receiving money with MoneyGram is just as simple; just follow these three easy steps:
  • Ensure that you receive the reference number from the person sending you the MoneyGram transfer.
  • Locate a MoneyGram agent in your area or country - in South Africa Bidvest Bank is a local agent. Take your identification documentation and the MoneyGram reference number with you.
  • Complete a ‘receive’ form and show your identification to the MoneyGram agent. You will then be given the funds in your local currency.
Browse the Bidvest Bank website for more helpful tips about using MoneyGram money transfers to send and receive funds almost instantly. Bidvest Bank offers guidance on foreign money transfers and tools to assist with safe and secure international transportation of funds. Contact Bidvest Bank today for more information.