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Enjoy the World Currency Card™ while travelling this festive season. Welcome to a service that is safe, secure and easy to use.

By Bidvest Bank
There has been a marked increase in the number of people who would rather put their holiday cash on a prepaid World Currency Card, instead of using more traditional avenues, such as traveller’s cheques, or carrying foreign currency bank notes. Not only is the prepaid currency card option easy to use, but it is far safer than carrying money while travelling.

A World Currency Card from Bidvest Bank offers travellers the chance to load money onto the card in the currency of the country they are visiting. You can transfer money onto the foreign currency card by visiting a Bidvest Bank branch. Similar to debit cards, you will receive a PIN that you will need to use when withdrawing cash from ATMs and can use the currency card for your holiday purchases. Furthermore, it is prepaid, so it is difficult to spend more than your allocated budget.

This year, when you prepare for your vacation and travel plans, be sure to sign up for a World Currency Card from Bidvest Bank. Enjoy the freedom of safe and secure spending in foreign countries. Contact Bidvest Bank for more information on prepaid currency cards for travellers.

Why use a World Currency Card?

Besides the fact that currency cards help you avoid overspending and are secure, they are issued instantly and can be used abroad immediately. It is extremely easy to load and reload funds onto these prepaid cards. If you run out of money and need to load additional funds onto your World Currency Card whilst abroad, as long as you ensure that the necessary power of attorney is in place with a family member or friend in South Africa, your travel card can be re-loaded with more money at any Bidvest Bank branch.

The World Currency Card also allows users to keep tab of their spending by offering access to their balance, account information and transaction history via the Internet. You may still be wondering why you should choose to use a World Currency Card instead of other forms of travel money tools, here are some reasons:
  • Credit cards are flexible and a favourite amongst travellers; however, there are currency conversion fees and hefty interest charges to take into account. There is also a higher risk of fraud and overspending when using a credit card.
  • Debit cards are convenient for smaller purchases, but these cards generate high charges and fees for exchanging money into foreign currency.
  • Cash is fine for smaller purchases but isn’t very secure and isn’t replaceable unless covered by your travel insurance.
  • Traveller’s cheques are more secure than cash, debit or credit cards but are subject to commission charges and require for you to carry your passport in order to exchange them.
Browse the Bidvest Bank website for more information on the World Currency Card suite and other foreign exchange options. Contact us for any assistance or guidance while preparing your finances for your travels.