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Top Tips for Business Travellers

By Bidvest Bank
Travelling for business always sounds glamorous before you do it. You imagine seeing the tourist sights and soaking up the scenery in between meetings, and then enjoying leisurely client lunches in atmospheric restaurants. But the reality is somewhat different: you get to know the inside of airports really well and spend most of the time missing your loved ones.

If your job involves regular international trips, you’ll want to make the experience as painless as possible. Here are our top tips on productive business travel, so you can get the most out of your time away from the office without exhausting yourself in the process:

1. Check in beforehand. This lessens your time standing in queues and ensures you get the best seat you can on the plane. 

2. Pack light. If possible, pack only a few outfits for your business trip that are easy to wash and don’t require ironing. Try and only take carry-on baggage so you don’t have to deal with the frustrating issue of lost luggage. You’ll also spend less time waiting for your bags to arrive.

3. Don’t be overly frugal. We all want to reduce business expenses but booking a flight that has a six hour layover and goes to an extra destination, just because it’s cheaper, will do more harm than good. Rather sign up with a corporate travel agency and get early notifications of good direct flights and deals for accommodation options that are convenient and central.

4. Sleep well. This is easier than it sounds but pack any extras that will help you sleep better on the plane and when you’re at your destination, whether this is your favourite pillow, a heavy duty eye mask or a set of earphones.

5. Keep customer service numbers stored in your phone. These can come in handy should you have a problem with your flight, your airport transfer or your car hire. If they’re readily available, you won’t have to waste time searching for them when the problem arises.

6. Streamline your forex. This is one part of your business trip that you can control. Don’t carry wads of cash with you for security reasons; get a currency card that allows to draw cash at your destination or swipe at various merchants.

7. Find a rewards programme and stick with it. Whether this is a frequent flyer programme or a loyalty programme with a car hire brand, companies will reward you for frequent business travel with reduced rates and perks such as upgrades. Find a programme that works for you and then stick with it.

We hope these business travel tips help you have a more productive time while you’re away. If you’re a business traveller who wants a convenient way of accessing funds while you’re abroad, the World Currency Card™ is the ideal forex solution. Simply pre-load the card with up to 17 currencies and then draw cash at over 3 million ATMs worldwide, or swipe it at any merchant that accepts Visa.