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Five Overseas Adventure Travel Holidays

By Bidvest Bank
Five Overseas Adventure Travel Holidays 

It’s the postcard image of the ideal holiday: lying on a deserted beach, with no one around and nothing to do except sip on a cocktail and watch the sun go down. But for many people, this kind of holiday is simply not what they’re after. If you’re a go-getter who’s more interested in adventure travel where you learn a new skill or discover new places, luckily you still have plenty of options. Here are five ideas for overseas activity holidays for everyone, no matter what your life stage:

1. Barging in France

The French countryside is the subject of countless poems, novels and movies. And for good reason. Hire a barge and meander across the scenic countryside at your own pace, winding through 8000 kilometres of inland canals as you stop at historic towns and villages. Explore shops, markets, vineyards and restaurants and immerse yourself in French country life. You can craft any type of barging holiday you like, from a budget-friendly family holiday where you do it all yourself, to a luxury hotel barge complete with gourmet meals and wine.

2. Cycling in Burma

Still relatively undiscovered by the masses, Burma’s lakeside pagodas and villages can be explored by bicycle, for an activity holiday with a difference. Explore the colonial charm of Kalaw or the caves of Pindaya, where thousands of Buddha statues are housed. Several tour operators allow you to book a route plus all accommodation in a single package. And if you’re more of an independent traveller after a true adventure holiday, you could also formulate your own itinerary and book your own hotel rooms and flights.

3. Sailing in Croatia

With its endless turquoise Adriatic coastline and hundreds of unspoilt islands, going sailing in Croatia is many people’s idea of heaven. Stop off at spots along the way and take day trips to islands where you can swim, hike and snorkel. If you’re staying overnight in a port, go inland for delicious seafood, nightlife, and friendly locals. Or simply chill on the deck of your sailing boat, have a picnic and dive into the water at special swimming stops. Most boats have their own captain and crew who take care of you and make your meals, so you can be as relaxed or as energetic as you like.

4. Cooking in Italy

If adventure travel means eating delicious food, why not learn how to cook like an Italian from the experts themselves! Learn how to assemble delectable antipasto dishes, make your own pasta and craft lip-smacking desserts. You can also explore the surrounding countryside including vineyards, cheese makers and olive groves. Stock up on seasonal ingredients, meet like minded foodies like yourself and simply soak up the stunning scenery. Learn from Italian mammas in historic country villas, family chefs on the Amalfi Coast, or study slow cooking in Positano.

5. Horse Riding in Argentina 

Known worldwide for its steak, Argentina’s cattle ranches – estancias – are big business. If horses are your thing, this is a great option for an activity holiday where you learn new skills and see new places. Spend a week at a cattle ranch and explore the countryside on horseback, riding out into The Pampas and seeing its unique wildlife. Be welcomed into the family home and see how these farming families have lived for centuries as you try your hand at lassoing or polo. Riders of all levels are welcome.

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