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8 Ways to Make your Airport Layover Fly By

By Bidvest Bank
If you’re holidaying overseas, and your journey includes a layover at the airport, there’s no reason to contemplate it with dread. With airports these days offering everything from minigolf to movie theatres, the hours between flights can be part of the adventure. Here are a few suggestions to help pass the time and, dare we say, make it memorable:

1. Get Googling. We Google just about everything these days, so why not the airport you’ll be waiting in? Find out what it has to offer, and then plan your stay before you’ve even touched down. 

2. Lounge around. Most credit cards and airline loyalty programmes offer you access to an airport lounge or at the very least, a day rate to enter one. 

3. Eat up. Let’s face it – no-one has ever flown for the in-flight fare, so your stopover offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal. If you happen to be stopping over in Heathrow, pop over to Terminal 5 and try out Plane Food, Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurant. 

4. Go shopping. Airports are a shopper’s paradise and provide the perfect opportunity to get a head start on your holiday shopping, whether it’s gifts for yourself or friends and family back home. 

5. Pamper yourself. Plenty of airports these days offer a wellness spa. This is the perfect place to pass the time if you didn’t manage to squeeze in a pedicure ahead of your island holiday, or you’ve got a crick in your neck from your travel pillow. 

6. See the sights. If you’re staring a long airport layover in the face (and you’re in possession of the correct travel documents), why not head into town and play tourist for a few hours? Just make sure you leave ample time to catch your next flight.

7. Play the game. Keep a game or two in your hand luggage (try Bananagrams, Backgammon, and Travel Scrabble). Travelling alone? Invite someone waiting at the same gate to join you – you may even make some friends along the way. 

8. Catch a movie. If you’re not stopping over at Singapore, Hong Kong or Seoul airport, all of which have their own movie theatres, download a movie from iTunes and watch the time fly by.

Tried all of the above and still got time before the boarding gate opens? Grab a pair of earplugs and try catch forty winks.

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