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Telkom’s Specially Adapted Vehicle Fleet

By Bidvest Bank
Case Study: Supplying Telkom’s Specially Adapted Vehicle Fleet

The Background

Bidvest Bank’s Fleet management and Asset finance division recently won the Telkom contract, where we were required to supply the telecoms company with an extensive fleet of vehicles that were specifically adapted for their various technical operations. Since Telkom’s previous fleet supplier had suddenly withdrawn their vehicles, they needed immediate access to a new fleet with as little lag time as possible. Above all, Telkom wanted one service provider who could service all their extensive vehicle needs on an ongoing basis with things like managing traffic fines, licensing and registering vehicles, tracking their usage, managing fuel spend and maintaining them in roadworthy condition. 

The Challenge

A major challenge with supplying Telkom’s vehicle fleet was providing vehicles that were specially suited to the various technical work the company does. This includes tasks such as transporting ladders so that workers can access Telkom poles, or having built-in work benches for staff to prepare underground cables. At the same time, we also had to be mindful of not violating the warrantee of the vehicle when it was altered.  

How We Did It

Our solution was to take standard LDV vans and adapt them with the help of our engineers. Some examples of how we adapted them are:

  • Telkom employees carry five blue boxes with tools and equipment that need to be readily accessed. We designed a stainless steel canopy and loadbin frame to hold the toolboxes and allow easy access from either side of the vehicle. We included a built-in light so workers can see at night. 
  • Fibre optic vehicles have specially designed workbenches in them, allowing staff to work on cabling on the go. 
  • All Fibre optic vehicles were fitted with a generator as an independent source of power, as well as additional deep cycle batteries while work is being performed.
  • All vehicles had a ladder rack added to them.


Because Telkom needed access to a full fleet of vehicles as soon as possible, we provided short-term rental vehicles in addition to permanent vehicles to bridge the gap in the interim. To date, we’ve delivered a total of 7477 vehicles to Telkom, made up of 3388 permanent vehicles and 3589 short-term vehicles.

At the time of writing, we’ve started to replace the short-term rental vehicles with a permanent fleet of vehicles, and we’ll continue with this for the next two months.


With the expiry of their previous fleet provider’s contract, Telkom needed to be mobile with a huge number of specially adapted vehicles in as short a time frame as possible. Thanks to the capacity and scope of what we do, Bidvest Bank’s Fleet management and Asset finance division were able to provide them with that mobility.