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Wanting a White Christmas? Try These Destinations.

By Bidvest Bank
Christmas in South Africa is a very special time of year. Sunshine, beaches, eating alfresco – there’s so much that’s unique about  how we celebrate this holiday. But if you’re after a Christmas you may have seen in movies or read about in books, with snow falling softly and sleigh bells ringing through the air, then you’ll need to pack your bags for colder climes. Here are our suggestions for the best destinations for a picturesque White Christmas:

They don’t get more chocolate-box looking than the ancient city of Prague. A famous bridge, a vast river, historic buildings, a magnificent castle – this city has it all. Stroll along Charles Bridge, gape at gothic gargoyles that adorn the streets and then gather in the Old Town Square on the hour to watch the Astronomical Clock mark the passage of time.  You can also pick up a handpainted ornament at one of the many Christmas markets and nibble on some delicious Czech pastries to stave off the chill.

London comes alive over Christmas time, with twinkling lights on every street and festive cheer emanating from every pub. If you feel like braving the crowds then head to Oxford Circus for some shopping, and then stop in at Hamley’s on Regent Street, “the finest toyshop in the world”, where your children will be entranced by the interactive displays and the vast selection of toys. A trip on the London Eye is also a great way to orientate yourself and see the entire city laid out before you.

You can’t predict the weather these days but if you’re looking for a sure-fire hit when it comes to snow on the 25th, then head to Montreal. The city’s strong French influence brings a certain European atmosphere to it, combined with all the modern amenities you’d expect from a North American hub. Catch one of the many Christmas parades, view the incredible lights strung up downtown or try sledding down Mount Royal. And if you want to pick up some gifts, head to Montreal’s incredible underground city, where you can find everything you need without having to brave the chill and head outside.

It’s not called Iceland by accident. Snow comes early to Reykjavik, sometimes from late September, so there are high chances your Christmas here will be a white one. Go on a cultural and gastronomic walking tour and find out more about Icelandic Christmas traditions, as well as the city’s architecture, art and history. You can also try your luck at spotting the Northern Lights. For the best view of them, head out of the city. 

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