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Make a profit on your investments with foreign currency exchange

By Bidvest Bank
Trading on the foreign exchange market is considered to be one of the best ways to make a profit; first because the market is one of the largest in the world, and second because it is incredibly liquid. Its popularity and liquidity has resulted, to some extent, from its accessibility: it is an over-the-counter (OTC) or electronic market that is open for trading via the Internet 24-hours a day.

Understanding foreign currency exchange is partly about studying trends. Those who trade on forex watch the finances of the countries involved, as well as their governmental, technological and population changes so as to predict how others will invest in those currencies. In order to engage in foreign currency exchange it’s recommended that you get the help of a currency exchange professional who can assist you with your international payment needs.

Bidvest Bank has the tools to facilitate foreign exchange and business dealings for the benefit of your bank account. Locate a branch or contact us today to learn more about our foreign currency exchange services.

Tips for daily foreign currency exchange

Learning about foreign currency exchange can be beneficial for international trading and money transfers. In order to work well with your foreign currency exchange consultant, keep up with the following guidelines:

  • Read the financial news: Allocate a portion of your day to reading the news, particularly when there is an economic change in your area of interest. Subscribe to reliable news feeds so that you receive targeted news that relates to your investments.

  • Interact and learn in forums: One of the benefits of forex investments is that they take place online, and consequently there is a lot of information available. Befriend others who have similar interests and learn from their triumphs and tragedies of investing on the forex market. You may meet contacts and expand your business networks via those you interact with and get to know through forums.

  • Sign up for a forex course, online or otherwise: If you’re an exporter or importer, it may be beneficial to have a background to forex through formal education. Whether this is from an economics or accounting viewpoint, it could provide a much wider point of reference for trading and investment.

  • Get information from a financial consultant at Bidvest Bank: We offer solutions that include spot rates (market rate of the day) and forward exchange contracts (fixed rates with deferred payments). With a team that designs solutions to meet the needs of businesses that trade in foreign countries, Bidvest Bank is ideally placed to provide market insight that delivers profits.

Visit Bidvest Bank for expert foreign currency exchange

Whether you’re an exporter, importer or novice investor, Bidvest Bank offers a range of solutions for your forex needs. These include trade services, fxpaynet – which is an online foreign exchange solution, payment contracts and exchange control services. Locate a Bidvest Bank branch in your area or contact us to learn more about our professional foreign currency exchange.