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Travel Regularly for Work?

By Bidvest Bank
Here are 5 Ways the World Currency Card™ Can Make Your Business Trip More Successful

Flight delays. Back-to-back meetings. Soulless airport lounges. Business travel isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Most of the time, you simply want to get back home to your loved ones, with your mission accomplished. 

If you’re a regular business traveller, no doubt you have a few tricks up your sleeve. From online check-ins to special hotel room requests and shortcuts at various airports, being an efficient business traveller has become a bit of an art. With Bidvest Bank, we make things even easier. If you’re going on a business trip, here’s how you can benefit from using the MasterCard® World Currency Card™ while you’re away:

1. Control spending

Need to get on top of how your employees are spending while they’re abroad? Tired of paying for hefty bills from the mini-bar? Separate foreign currency from your business bank accounts and get much tighter control over how and when your employees spend while they’re on a corporate travel trip.

2. It’s safer

Safer than carrying around wads of cash, the MasterCard® World Currency Card™ lets you preload up to 17 currencies all at once, making it simpler if you’re visiting multiple countries on your business trip. With this side taken care of, you can focus on your business objectives rather than worrying about the hassles of how you’ll manage your cash on the trip.

3. Fix that exchange rate

With the Rand being an especially volatile currency, being able to fix that exchange rate before you go has a hugely positive impact on your business expenses. And because many businesses often have a very specific budget for each trip, this will help you manage it better - especially if you’re in large groups.

4. Convenience

Cutting-edge technology means your card knows automatically which currency to use, depending where in the world you are. Pretty smart, don’t you think? You can also withdraw local currency from any ATM where you see the MasterCard® acceptance mark. Finally, you can move money between purses easily online, as well as view any recent transactions, so you’re always aware of what’s being spent.

5. You’ll never be bored.

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