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Top 5 most romantic international destinations

By Bidvest Bank
Romantic getaways should offer a feast for the senses: soul-stirring vistas, hip-swaying beats, heady aromas from a vintage wine, wild flavour in a sea-salted oyster, and naturally, the feeling of your loved one beside you. If it’s a feast of pleasure you’re after, here’s our pick of the world’s most romantic international destinations. 

1) Venice

Known as the city of romance, this majestic world on water boasts plenty of gems between the tourist traps. Seek them out. Instead of riding in a gondola, tour the old gondola workshops where the boats are made. Explore the city’s spiritual underworld on a Venetian ghost tour. For an added dose of romance, visit The Bridge of Sighs. According to local legend, lovers who kiss in a gondola floating under the bridge while the bells of St. Marks toll will be granted eternal love.

2) Paris

A list of the most romantic destinations would be incomplete without a nod to Paris.  Dine on five-star cuisine in Le Marais. Visit Pont des Arts Bridge to witness the padlocks of thousands of lovers who have sealed their love with a kiss. Or simply grab a bottle of champagne, a crusty baguette, some fine cheese and lounge on the deck chairs in the Jardin de Luxembourg. 

3) Buenos Aires

Birthplace of the tango, Buenos Aires is made for romance! From finding your rhythm in a backstreet tango joint to hiking through the misty wonder of Iguazú Falls, Buenos Aires invites you into a world of adventure you’ll be reluctant to leave. 

4) The Maldives

There’s a reason honeymooners flock to this island archipelago. Although it consists of 1100 islands, only 200 are inhabited, and 100 of those are private resorts. This makes for some of the most luxurious and exclusive accommodation on the planet. Think underwater restaurants, five-star spas and dinner for two on the shore. At hotels like Soneva Fushi on Kunfunadhoo Island, there is one rule: “no news, no shoes”. After having your footwear confiscated, you might opt for some treetop yoga, or your personal butler will lead you to your private villa with waves breaking just a stone’s throw away.  

5) Reykjavik

Where better to set your love story than in a Mecca of natural wonders? With its fine-quality cuisine, impressive architecture and luxury boutique hotels, Reykjavik is the ideal base to explore Iceland’s many treasures. It’s made for romantic holidays. Go in search of the dumbfounding beauty of the Northern Lights. Take a dip in the world-famous Blue Lagoon, or head out to one of the less-frequented natural hot springs like Grjótagjá. 

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