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5 Alternative Stress Relievers for Entrepreneurs

By Bidvest Bank
Owning your own business is not without its times of stress. Sure, you may get to take Friday afternoon off to spend how you want, but you may also be up until midnight the next week trying to think of ways around a problem. Because of these ups and downs, it’s vital as an entrepreneur that you find ways to manage your stress levels and keep general anxiety in check. Not a fan of yoga or meditation though? Here are some alternative stress relieving ideas to try:

1. Get a pet

We’re not advocating going out and buying two brand new puppies if you’re not able to spend time with them, pay for their vet visits and give them their attention they deserve. Becoming a pet owner should be taken seriously. But we are suggesting that caring for something other than yourself is a good way to deal with stress. If you work for yourself, there’s a good chance that you do have the flexibility to spend time with a pet. Visit your nearest animal shelter and see if there is a cat or dog that needs a loving home. Taking them for walks, loving them and being the recipient of their attention has been known to ease the stresses of modern life. If you can’t make this commitment, you could also walk your neighbour or a friend’s dog.

2. Journaling

It may sound like something only angst-ridden teenagers do but journaling has become known for its meditative and stress-relieving benefits. Getting things down on paper is a way of acknowledging exactly what is stressing you out, and you can then make a plan to resolve these issues. Try doing it for just 10 minutes each morning when you wake up – keep a notebook next to your bed and use this time to dump everything you’re thinking on to the page. You never have to read it again so it doesn’t have to be perfect, just use it as a form of therapy.

3. Aromatherapy

Listening to music, looking at the beautiful sights of nature – how we use our senses also contributes to the way we deal with stress. The sense of smell is one that is often neglected, but it can go a long way to making us feel calmer, especially because it’s said to be strongly linked to brain activity. Lavender is known for its soothing properties, and is said to lower blood pressure and heart rate, so place fresh lavender next to your bed, sprinkle a few drops of lavender essence on your pillow or add some lavender oil to your bath (if there are no water restrictions!). You could also buy a diffuser for the office so all your employees benefit. Lemon, jasmine and rosemary are also said to have a similar effect.

4. Laugh

It’s all very well telling people to laugh but how can we take practical steps to do this? Laughing releases endorphins and gives us that tingly relaxed feeling – it’s scientifically proven to relieve stress. Try and incorporate laughter into your life, whether it’s booking a seat at your favourite comedian’s newest show, watching your funniest comedy or sitcom, or simply inviting round that friend for dinner who always tells the most hilarious stories.  

5. Eat something delicious

It’s no good stuffing your face with takeaways because you don’t have time to cook. What you put in your body is directly reflected in your physical state, plus your state of mind. There are also certain foods that are known to be effective stress relievers such as blueberries, dark chocolate, cashew nuts, oats and avocadoes. Try pack a few snack boxes to have at your desk – as being “hangry” (hungry + angry) helps no one!

As well as these alternative stress relievers, there are also the well-known ones such as exercise, sleeping well, being in nature, going for a massage, practising mindfulness and a host of others. You also need to look at your time management such as how often you check emails or social media, plus you need to streamline all of your administrative tasks. Bidvest Bank offers a business bank account with a personal touch, where you have one personal banker who sees to all of your banking needs, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.