Personal Banking for Individuals

High interest rates, various periods and no monthly fee

We offer various ways to invest; from short periods and the immediate ability to withdraw to longer term options that provide highly competitive rates.


Fixed Deposit Account
Fixed Deposit Account

Starting at a minimum deposit of R10,000, select an investment term from two to twelve months with no monthly account fees. The longer the investment term, the higher the interest rate. Interest can be paid out monthly or at the end of the term to a nominated account. There is also the option to reinvest the interest for another fixed term. Pensioners over 55 qualify for preferential rates on the 12-month fixed deposit.

Fixed Deposits (R10 000 or more)
Months Payable Monthly End of Term
2 Months6.03%6.05%
3 Months6.07%6.10%
4 Months6.30%6.35%
5 Months6.31%6.38%
6 Months6.39%6.48%
7 Months6.40%6.50%
8 Months6.43%6.55%
9 Months6.46%6.60%
10 Months6.54%6.70%
11 Months6.57%6.75%
12 Months6.60%6.80%
Pensioner Rate
12-month Fixed Deposit only
6.74%* 6.95%*

*The pensioner rate is applicable to customers aged 55 and older on a 12-month Fixed Deposit only.

Call Account
Call Account

Starting at a minimum deposit of R1000, have the freedom to deposit and withdraw at any time from an account that has no fixed period and no monthly account fees. There is the option to capitalise the interest and compound it or to have it paid out monthly to a nominated account. The higher the balance in the account, the higher our competitive interest rate.

Call Deposits
Interest Rates Per Annum | Payable Monthly
R1 000 – R24 999  1.95%
R25 000 – R49 999  3.65%
R50 000 – R99 999  3.75%
R100 000 – R249 999  3.85%
R250 000 – R499 999


R500 000 – R999 999


Notice Account
Notice Account

Starting at a minimum deposit of R5000, select an investment period of 41,61,91,121 days, 6, 9 or 12 months. The longer the period, the higher the interest rate. Pay no monthly fees and make additional deposits at your discretion. Make withdrawals by giving notice.

Notice Deposits (Corporates & individuals)
Notice Deposits | From R5 000 – R1 000 000
41 Day 61 Day 91 Day 121 Day
5.49% 5.53% 5.58% 5.90%

Notice Deposits (Individuals Only)
Notice Deposits | From R5 000 – R1 000 000
6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
6.03% 6.10% 6.30%

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Call Account

Notice Account

Fixed Deposit Account

Foreign Currency Account



Notice deposit investment.

Fixed deposit investment.


Main benefit and Uses

Save while earning competitive interest rates.

Choose an investment period from as little as 41 days up to 12 months.

Choose an investment period from 2 – 12 months.

Investing in foreign currency can earn competitive interest rates.

What makes it unique

You can save and earn interest while having access to your money.            


More flexible than a Fixed Deposit Account because you can make additional deposits and partial withdrawals during the term.

Earns you higher interest because your funds are invested for a fixed term.

Allows you to invest either locally or abroad.

Who it is best suited for

Anyone with extra funds to invest, but also those that need quick access to those funds.

Anyone who has extra funds of a minimum of R5,000.00 to invest for a fixed term but want the flexibility to transfer additional funds as well as withdraw funds in emergencies at a fee.

Anyone who has extra funds of a minimum of R10,000.00 that they won’t need access to for a certain period of time.

Convenient for those who make regular foreign currency transactions and for frequent travellers.

* Over-the-counter fees, declined or denied transaction fees, and international transaction fees are not included in the monthly fee and are charged per transaction. See additional Bidvest Bank Account™ Fees

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