Bidvest Bank Account™ Rates

Rates effective 24 July 2015. Rates are indicative and subject to change.
R50 - R1,000         0.58%
R1,001 - R2,500 0.58%
R2,501 - R5,000 0.58%
R5,001 - R10,000 0.58%
R10,001 - R25,000 1.70%
R25,001 - R50,000 3.65%
R50,001 - R250,000 3.85%
R250,000 upwards 4.75%


Bidvest Bank Account™ - Fees

Find out what you would pay for general services and notifications, over-the-counter transactions and services, ATM transactions, point-of-sale transactions, and online transactions.

Please note: Prices increase annually

Fees are inclusive of VAT and are subject to change.

Transact Account Fees

Account name Bidvest Bank Account™
Capped Fee R82.00
Transaction fees included in Capped fee
Monthly account administration fee R18.00
Cash withdrawals (Own ATM) R5.00
Cash withdrawals (Saswitch) R9.50 + R1.30 per R100 (only first three transactions included in Capped fee)*
Balance enquiry (Own ATM) R3.00
Balance enquiry (Saswitch) R4.50
Purchase at POS Free
Purchase and Cash Back R2.50
Cash withdrawal R3.50
EFT Transactions
Inward EFT credit from another bank Free
Third party payment R5.00
Debit order R8.00
Future dated payment R8.00
Internal transfers - Call Centre / Branches R8.00
Create/ Amend or Cancel stop order R10.00
Internet Banking
Transaction History Free
Subscription Fee Free
Balance enquiry Free
Statement Free
Internal Transfer Free
Third Party payment R6.50
Other fees
Email third party payment notifications R0.75
SMS notification R0.80
Posted statement R10.00
Faxed statement R7.00
Temp/ Permanent withdrawal limit increase Free
Fax notifications R5.00
ATM prepaid top -up ( Cell C , Vodogo, MTN , Telkom) R4.45 + 65c per R100
Transactions excluded from Capped fee
First Card issued Free
Card replacement (local) R50.00
Additional Card issued R50.00
Cash deposit at Bidvest Bank branch .80% of deposit value
Cheque deposit 10 days working clearing period R1.10 per R100 - max R20.00
Over the counter withdrawal 1.25% of withdrawl amount min R20.00
Debit order rejection R25.00
International withdrawal at ATM R50.00
International Balance enquiry at ATM R7.00
Declined international cash withdrawal R30.00
International purchase at POS R17.00
Declined transaction at international POS/ATM R17.00
Returned cheque R100.00
International currency conversion fee 6%
ATM Cash withdrawal - declined ( Insufficient funds) R7.50
Denied transaction ( Incorrect Pin)(POS) R7.50
Daily limit exceeded R7.50
Declined transaction (insufficient funds)(POS) R7.50
Declined transaction (incorrect PIN) R7.50

*Only first three Saswitch transactions free when Cap is reached