The 7-Day Call Account

Interest at Millionaire Rates

Individuals with deposit investments under R1 million can earn the type of interest normally reserved for investments worth R10 million and more.

How it Works

Opening an Account

To open a 7-Day Call Account, the minimum investment is R 5,000.00 and the maximum R10 million.


  • You can make partial withdrawals and additional deposits at any time after the first 7 days, thereafter access is granted within 24 hours.
  • Early withdrawals incur a 1% penalty fee of the amount withdrawn.


  • Your deposits are held for 7 days before access is made available on call.
  • Cheques have a 10 working day hold.
  • For deposits over R10 million, excess funds are automatically transferred to a Bidvest Bank Call Account.
  • Your funds can be held in the account for an unlimited period.

Interest Rates

  • The interest rate will be confirmed on application.
  • Nominal rates are indicative and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All nominal rates are quoted on a nominal annual compounded monthly basis. 

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