What is DebiCheck and how does it work?

DebiChecks are new debit orders electronically confirmed by you with your bank on a once-off basis, relating to a new contract that you have signed with a company. This means that, your bank will now know the details of what you have agreed to and will not allow your DebiCheck to be processed outside the terms that you have confirmed. DebiCheck allows you to be in control of your debit orders.

Why was DebiCheck introduced?

Over the past number of years, debit order abuse has become a major issue in South Africa.  On the one hand, there has been an increase in the number of debit orders being processed to consumers’ bank accounts without their consent. On the other hand, consumers have increasingly been disputing debit orders which they actually have agreed to, mostly to manage their cash flow. 

For these reasons, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) decided to review the debit order landscape and during 2013 instructed the Payments Association (PASA) and the banks to address these issues. This is why DebiCheck was introduced in August 2018. DebiCheck aims to address debit order abuse issues by introducing electronic consumer confirmation for all DebiCheck debit orders.

To help make DebiCheck work for you, you must ensure that your bank has your correct cell phone number, this is important. 

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