South African Rand Currency Card

Managing your money is safe and easy with a pre-loaded Visa South African Rand Currency Card, a travel card designed for those visiting South Africa. Draw cash as you need it from any of the Visa ATMs throughout South Africa, and paying for goods is as quick as a swipe at any Visa merchant.


With the South African Rand Currency Card, you get:

  • A debit card facility to pay for goods and services and a cash-back option at point of sale*
  • Easy access to cash
  • Fixed exchange rate
  • A debit card functionality
  • The ability to pay for fuel at selected petrol stations
  • The ability to pay for goods and services at more than 125,000 South African Visa merchants
  • Cash withdrawals from more than 16,000 Visa ATMs in South Africa
  • 24-hour support for lost or stolen cards
  • SMS notifications

*PEP, Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers

Note: Your Rand Currency Card may be used to make hotel reservations, but car rentals companies do not accept Rand Cards as forms of payment.


Rand Currency Card is available to non-South African residents only. Visit one of our branches nationwide to apply for your card.

24-hour Contact

To reload your Rand Currency Card or exchange your Rand in the currency of your choice, visit any of our branches in the country.

For assistance or enquiries, contact us on either of the following numbers: 

Domestic calls: 0860 11 11 77                          International calls: +27 11 407 3103

Our call centre is available anytime of the day or night for general enquiries or queries such as balance confirmations, emergency cash replacement, reporting of lost or stolen cards, or disputes.

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