International Money Transfers

Personal Service at Competitive Rates

Whether you’re investing overseas, sending money as a gift, or paying for accommodation overseas, our personalised global payments service offers the perfect solution for your needs.

Arrange and streamline your international payments with the help of your very own dedicated Bidvest Bank account manager.

Seamless Global Payments

Need to make an international money transfer from South Africa? The single annual discretionary allowance for South African citizens is R1 million for adults and R200 000 for children under the age of 18 years.

This allowance can be used for any combination of allowances, such as:

  • Offshore investments: invest your money internationally using our global payments
  • Gifting: send a celebration or other gift in the form of cash
  • Assistance: help a family member or friend in need of funds
  • Student fees: pay for your child’s overseas study fees by doing an international money transfer
  • Alimony and child support: send child maintenance funds to partners or ex-partners
  • Overseas travel: paying for accommodation, tours, transport, etc. limits the cash needed while overseas

Organising your global payments with Bidvest Bank is safe, fast and convenient. Find out more about the various international payment methods available and how we can help you.

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