Financial Emigration

Helping you transfer money from South Africa to anywhere in the world

Whether you choose to remain in South African physically and send money offshore, or if you’re planning on leaving the country completely, Bidvest Bank’s Non Residents Centre can help you with your financial affairs.

There’s a big difference between physical and financial emigration from South Africa, so it’s important to know where you stand both legally and financially.

Financial emigration involves a very specific set of procedures, including obtaining a tax clearance certificate, completing a Form MP 336(b) and then recording your emigration with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Bidvest Bank can help you take your money out of South Africa if you’re emigrating. You’ll be able to transfer assets abroad up to R10 million per annum per single adult, or R20 million per annum per family unit. We also offer you a secure and convenient way to access your retirement annuities and other financial assets before reaching retirement age.

Why Use Us?

We understand you. We’re very familiar with your needs as a South African migrant, so we know which boxes need to be ticked.

We have a purpose-built global payment system. If you’re considering emigration from South Africa, we’ll give you financial freedom and peace of mind when taking your money out.

We’re the foreign exchange experts. Our years of experience in foreign exchange mean that we can secure you the best rates possible.

We’re affordable.Our fees are transparent and will fit in with your budget. 

Thinking about emigrating from South Africa and need to check the financial and legal requirements? Get in touch with the Bidvest Bank Non-Residents Centre to avoid any nasty surprises. Call 011 407 3069/3345 or email

As an example, you may physically emigrate to Australia, and ten years later you inherit money back in South Africa. It may be difficult to get this money out the country because even though you’ve physically emigrated, you haven’t financially emigrated and the South African Exchange Control still considers you to be a South African resident.

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