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Send money with one of the world’s leading brands 

Western Union is one of the world’s leading money transfer services and has been offering its consumers effective money transfer for over 145 years. The service makes use of advanced technology and a unique worldwide network for quick payout via a network of more than 500 000 agent locations*, in over 200 countries and territories around the world. 

*Network Data as of 30 December 2017

Send money from your Bidvest Bank branch 

Sending money abroad is simple. Simply visit your nearest Bidvest Bank branch to complete the “Send” form, and hand it over to the teller along with the money you wish to send, plus the fee and required documents. 

Receive money from multiple locations 

To receive money, recipients can simply go to an authorised agent of Western Union, including their nearest Bidvest Bank branch, and complete the “Receive” form. The most important aspect of this form is the unique money transfer control number (MTCN) that differentiates between all other transfers. Once complete, this must be handed to the teller who will then hand over the money and a receipt. Ensure that the name on the transfer record matches your name as it appears on your ID or passport.