Loading Funds on your MasterCard® World Currency Card™

Load funds on your card every time you travel

Your MasterCard® World Currency Card™ is valid for five years, so you can use it every time you travel and load funds onto it at any time, subject to exchange control regulations. There are three ways you can load funds onto your card:

1. Visit a Bidvest Bank branch

Simply visit any Bidvest Bank branch to load money onto your card before you depart.

2. Order and reload your World Currency Card™ Online

  1. Register for Online Forex Ordering
  2. Log in
  3. Insert your travel details, the currency type* and value. The rand value will be calculated at the current exchange rate.
  4. Pay via EFT or online using your credit card
  5. Decide whether you’d prefer to collect from a branch or have it delivered directly to your door (pre-approved locations only).

*Note: If you’re also ordering foreign notes, delivery is only available for USD, GBP and EUR.

3. Reload Funds via Power of Attorney

If you’re already on your trip and aren’t in South Africa, you can appoint someone to reload funds to your MasterCard® World Currency Card™ for you.

Before leaving for your trip, complete a Power of Attorney form. The representative you appoint must be available in South Africa to visit a branch to reload funds on your behalf.

Need to transfer money between purses or check your balance on your card?

Log onto My Account online or use the mobile app to check balances and transfer currencies between different purses on your card. Or call us on 0800 982 679.