Visa World Currency Card™

Where Every Great Journey Begins

Are you a frequent traveller going to one destination? Maybe you have family living in the States or a holiday home in the UK? Whatever your needs, our single currency World Currency Card™ is the safe and cost effective way to keep and access your spending money while you’re abroad.

The smartest alternative to carrying cash or even using your credit or debit card, the single currency World Currency Card™ lets you preload 1 of 17 foreign currencies at a pre-set exchange rate. You can then use your prepaid Visa travel card to draw cash from over a million ATMs worldwide or swipe it at any merchant worldwide that accepts Visa.

With the Visa World Currency Card™ you also get:

  • A fixed exchange rate each time you load your money
  • The ability to track your spending with instant text or email notifications as well as online access to your transaction history
  • 24-hour Call Centre support
  • An emergency replacement card or, if necessary, emergency cash while travelling

Why should I use it?

1. You get Visa Platinum status. This means you’re entitled to all the same privileges of a Visa Platinum cardholder, including dining deals, travel discounts and special perks when it comes to car hire, luxury retail and more . Your Visa prepaid card means you get automatic Visa Platinum Purchase Protection which means any items paid for using your card are covered against loss, damage or theft. Visa’s Automatic Extended Warranty means your manufacturer’s warrantees are doubled for up to 24 months on items paid for using your card.

2. It’s safe. If you card is lost or stolen, unlike cash we can cancel your card and supply you with a replacement card or emergency cash.

3. You get medical and legal referral. You’ll get access to Visa's medical and legal referral service for up to 90 days. Should you require medical treatment we’ll put you in touch with a local medical service provider and someone to monitor your medical condition, both during and after hospitalisation.

4. You earn Voyager Miles. Earn one Voyager Mile for every R25 loaded onto your World Currency Card™. Unlike a debit or credit card, you’ll earn miles on the total amount loaded, regardless of whether you spend the whole amount or not.

How do I load funds onto my Visa World Currency card™?

You can easily load funds onto your Visa World Currency Card™ by transferring from your Bidvest Bank Account, reloading your card online or doing it at a branch via someone else who has Power of Attorney to do this on your behalf. Read more about loading funds onto your card.

24-hour Call Centre Support

Domestic calls within South Africa: 0860 11 11 77
International calls to South Africa: +27 11 407 3103

VISA Global ATM Locator

Use the VISA global ATM locator to find a conveniently located ATM wherever in the world you are.

A full address will yield the best results, but by entering a city, country, landmark or airport code in the search field, the system will provide a list of multiple matches. You’ll be able to see the exact locations of the ATM locations in your chosen area on the map. 

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