Vehicle Finance

Professional Motor Car Finance 

As one of the top five leasing divisions in South Africa, we’ll help you find and secure your next vehicle at the best available rate.

Simple, tax-effective finance options with all the extras.

Personal Vehicle Finance Benefits

If you qualify to receive a travel allowance for business purposes, our affordable car finance products and services offer you added benefits:

  • The most tax-effective solution
  • Roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive insurance arranged with the insurer of your choice
  • Assistance to source new vehicles at the best price
  • Assistance to auction your current vehicle
  • Assistance to auction your vehicle at the end of the finance contract

Vehicle Finance Options

Professionals in South Africa who qualify to receive a travel allowance may choose from our flexible car finance products and services.

Apply for Vehicle Finance

We offer personal and professional vehicle finance for travel allowance recipients in South Africa. Once you’ve chosen from our three flexible options, calculate your car allowance tax and monthly repayments and apply for finance online.

Perks Tax Guide

As an employee, you may be given the choice between a travel allowance and a company car as part of your remuneration package. This guide helps you to decide which tax method is best suited to you.

Calculate your indicative credit approval limit and determine what maximum purchase price you may qualify for in terms of our normal credit granting requirements.

Additional Services

Maintenance Plans
A maintenance premium (paid monthly or single upfront) covers the cost of all services and repairs that may be required.

End of Contract Sales
You have the option to resell your vehicle through our online auction system at the end of the contract.

Vehicle Hire
Offers you a temporary car while your own is being serviced or repaired.

Roadside Assistance
Club McCarthy 24-hour roadside assistance.